The Heart of the Matter

1 x 52'

Every day more than 10 lives are lost in Ireland as a result of a sudden heart attack. In fact, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for 1 in every 3 deaths in Ireland.
It is clear that many of us walk around, unaware that there is a time-bomb ticking in our chests.

At the centre of this documentary is one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs - David Bobbett. In 2011, a routine medical revealed to David that his odds of suffering a heart attack had soared through the roof. Despite boasting exceptional levels of fitness and a healthy diet, he was told that he had a 1 in 4 chance of suffering a heart attack in the next year.

Since this bombshell, David has applied his unique analytical brain to the subject and dedicated huge amounts of time and energy researching heart disease, its extent, its diagnoses, and its treatments. The results of his quest were startling and David is now on a mission to tell the world about his discoveries. He wants to tell the world that there is a better way of identifying and tackling heart disease.

A Loosehorse Production for RTÉ