Rescue 115
Rescue 115

6 x 25' HD

Following on from the popular Rescue 117 series, in this new series cameras have been given exclusive access the Irish Coast Guard's helicopter Search and Rescue service. Filmed over a number of months, the series follows the rescue crews at Shannon Helicopter base, otherwise known as RESCUE 115, as they battle to save lives in one of the most hostile environments in the world.
Highlights from the series include the rescue of a group of young children stranded on a boat on the Shannon mud flats and the dramatic rescue of a crew from a British nuclear submarine.
Even in the darkest nights and roughest seas, the men and women of the Irish Coast Guard continue to do a courageous job. With no second chances this small and efficient band of professionals and volunteers often put themselves in danger for the lives of others.

An RTÉ Cork Production

(Total number of episodes 12 x 25' including Rescue 117)