Paul Flynn
Paul Flynn's Irish Food. HD

8 x 25' HD

Top chef Paul Flynn is the owner of the famous Tannery Restaurant and Cookery School in beautiful County Waterford. Paul made his name in London when at 23 he was the head chef of Chez Nico, one of London's top restaurants and holder of three Michelin stars.

On returning to Ireland Paul set about reinventing himself by stepping back in time and revisiting many of the old recipes Ireland was synonymous for when he was growing up.

Paul's recipes are simple, clever and always easy to make. His ingredients are things which are in our store cupboard. His cuts of meat are cheap and full of flavour. He has rejected the fussiness of modern cuisine and celebrates the simplicity of good ingredients cooked well. He is a chef of our time with an eye on the past and a vision for the future.

An RTÉ Cork Production