NYPD At Close Range

4 x 52'

NYPD - At Close Range is a compelling four part documentary series which allows the viewer unparalleled access into the heart of the world's busiest and most exciting police force, the NYPD.

From the Emergency Services Unit - the highly trained elite force within the NYPD who repond to calls where the potential hazards are considered too dangerous for regular units to Narcotics as they enforce New York City's 'zero tolerance' policy on drugs.   From the Vice Squad dealing with child pornography, prostitution and gaming to the busiest squad in New York City, the Homicide Squad, as they go on the trail of a series of unsolved murders.

This series delivers strong, exciting and dramatic stories with fantastic access in to the working lives of the NYPD.

A Graph Films / RTE Production in association with Metro Cable, New York