Naked Camera

6 x 25'

Following its massive popularity since first hitting our screens in 2005, Naked Camera makes a welcome return for a third series. All the old favourites are back - the unstoppable Jake Stevens; the desperate bride, now pregnant and looking for the father, the dodgy Jumperman; Orangeman Clifford Crawford and the incompetent Mr Fixer. And there's some new characters too - Lois the Psychic; Chuck O'Loughlin, an Irish-American tracing his roots to find someone to give him a kidney; and The Courier with a Swollen Head.

Sometimes subversive, sometimes outrageous, this hidden camera show unleashes larger than life characters on an unsuspecting public. Disarmed by their cloak of familiarity, the public become the unaware stars of the show. (Total number of episodes available 18 x 25')

Scratch Films Production for RTÉ