P.J Gallagher
Meet The Neighbours

6 x 25' HD

PJ Gallagher plays a host of characters alongside other comic actors and performers who find comedy in the most mundane situations and episodes.

These characterisations have real broad appeal and will speak and behave in a way that feels very familiar for mainstream audiences. The format mixes 'down the lens' comedy monologues from these characters with other more visual comedy elements - slapstick and physical comedy - all housed in a recognisable Dublin suburban environment.

These include a granny who is obsessed with cake, a gobby neighbour offering unsolicited opinions on the world, a pair of conjoined twins, one of whom is gay with the other one a beer swilling football fan (both of whom share a passion for the work of Freddie Mercury, but for very different reasons), a karaoke singing taxi driver and a spandex-clad cycling trendy priest.

Humour emanates from the familiarity and mundanity of everyday dialogue and voices with a sometimes surrealist twist.

A Scratch Films Production for RTÉ