Martin Shanahan
Martin's Mad About Fish. HD

6 x 25' HD

Martin Shanahan is one of Irelands leading seafood chefs. A visit to Martin's restaurant 'Fishy Fishy' for many is a pilgrimage as Martin's reputation is legendary.

His almost religious zeal is infectious - he has a vision to convert the fish shy public over to the joys of eating the most healthy and tasty food in the world. In this series Martin will take us on an epic journey around the spectacular Irish coastline as we meet fishermen and fellow chefs. During this journey Martin will share the secrets of the recipes that have made his restaurant famous and in doing so inspire the country to eat more fish.

Martin's journey will see him take to the road in a specially converted fish and chip van, stopping off where he pleases to cook up simple and inspirational dishes to serve to the public - always seeking out the fish shy and trying to convert them on the spot.

Total number of episodes 12 x 25

An RTÉ Cork Production