Goal Workers Hilda Kawuki and Sharon Commins

1 x 45'

Irish charity worker Sharon Commins was kidnapped in July 2000 along with her colleague Hilda Kawuki by an armed gang who had forced their way into their compound in Kutum, north Darfur.

All of Ireland waited anxiously as her ordeal continued for over 100 days. In this programme Sharon explains why she travelled to Darfur, what exactly happened during her abduction and how she is feeling now. She describes in detail how her violent kidnappers inflicted mock executions on them; how guns were put to her head and how she was ordered to demand a ransom from negotiators.

Sharon describes the kidnappers: "They were prone to rage attacks. they were trigger happy people jumping around shooting UN helicopters, shooting absolutely everything. It was extremely dangerous; one random bullet and we would have been gone. There was a lot of rifts going on in the kidnapping gang - some of them wanted to kill us, others didn't." Sharon also describes conditions in the remote area where they endured temperatures of up to 50 degrees.

After her eventual release Sharon talks about her recovery back home and her hopes for the future and details why she believes that her kidnap and subsequent ordeal could have been avoided.

An RTÉ Production