Katherine Lynch's Single Ladies

6 x 25'

A fly-on-the-wall mocumentary about the life and times of a group of fascinating yet slightly demented Irish women delving deep into the hilarious abyss that qualifies as life for these very different gals living life on the cusp.

Featuring International Lino Legend Singing Bernie Walsh as she saddles up her trusted hiace van and takes to the tarmac once again, travelling the length and breadth of the country and beyond, "Scumbag in a bumbag" and all round man-poacher Miss Sheila Chic as she continues on her endless quest to scam her way to the top, and of course not forgetting Mohill's very own gormless gaffer, the "one in a million", please God, Liz Hurley, with anecdotes of everything from sheep dipping, riding her beloved Honda 50 and coaching her beloved football team, the Mohill Lassies.

A Waka TV Production for RTÉ