ICA Bootcamp
ICA Bootcamp

4 x 51'

Ireland's boom generation, our Tiger Cubs, grew up during the biggest party the country has ever known. Now, in the midst of a recession, their shopping skills, pop idol ambitions and bijou-bistro lifestyles are out of whack. For 100 years, the Irish Countrywomen's Association preached self-sufficiency and self-improvement through education - and hard work. Faced with a generation who grew up without basic living skills like cooking, mending and budgeting, can the ICA save our 21st century, spendthrift singletons from themselves?

In 2011, three old-school ICA mentors throw open the doors of ICA central, for ICA Bootcamp. Over a four week run, twelve bright, ambitious and pampered twenty-somethings have signed up to learn everything the ICA can teach them about fending for themselves. From baking to up-cycling fashion, from sugar craft to boiling pigs heads, but will getting back to basics be too much for the boom generation kids?

Each week three girl's are dropped from four recruits and one goes forward to battle it out in the final Bootcamp programme.

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