Hello Baby Bye Bye Body

'Hello Baby, Bye Bye Body' sees reporter Mairead Farrell go on a mission to uncover the truth about how she, and the women of Ireland really feel about their post-baby bodies. There is so much pressure on normal women to get their body back to the way it was before they gave birth, thanks to the celebrity culture we live in, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Abi Clancy and Miranda Kerr all giving birth in 2011 and all being back to their sleek figures within a matter of weeks.

Mother of one Mairead knows that this can't be real. Surely the Posh Spice's and J-Lo's of this world suffer from the same droopy boobs, stretch marks and leaky bladders that we normal woman all have after giving a baby?

So Mairead is on a mission to tell the nation exactly how the birth of her baby 4 years ago impacted on her body, and ultimately her body confidence and how she feels about what she sees in the mirror every day and along the way discover how giving birth impacted on the bodies of women all over the country.

A Telegael Production for RTÉ