The Hardy Bucks
Hardy Bucks

10 x 25'

Hardy Bucks explores life in small town Ireland for a group of 20 something slacker lads and their attempts to find the craic wherever that may be. Despite the economic down turn, life in Castletown hasn't changed much for 20 something Eddie Durkan. When things start to go belly up his friends Buzz, French Toast and Boo are there to give him advice and help him find the craic despite local drug dealer The Viper always trying to get one over on him.

Hardy Bucks deploy their home-spun wisdom and unique solutions to ride out the recession. Eddie is thinking about emigrating, Buzz wants wheels and a woman, French Toast is going sober, Boo has a holistic new venture, Salmon is looking overseas and The Viper is branching out into the entertainment business. Meanwhile the cottage is under threat, the banks don't want to lend and everyone is on the dole. Can a new world order come to Castletown?

A Hardy/Integral Production for RTÉ