Gay Daddy

1 x 52'

Darren Kennedy is a TV Presenter, journalist and stylist. He lives with hispartner of ten years, Aidan, dotes on his dog Harry and commutes between London and Dublin leading a glamorous lifestyle of opening nights and celebrity parties.

However, now in his thirties, all around him his friends and siblings are having babies. This is forcing Darren to re-evaluate his priorities but how easy is it for a gay man to become a dad in Ireland? If Darren is serious, then he needs to start planning now.

We follow Darren on his journey as he explores the options of surrogacy, co-parenting, adoption and fostering. A journey that forces both the viewers and Darren to take a very close look at the kind of society we think we are, and the stark realities of parenting in the 21st century.

A CoCo Television Production for RTÉ