Football Boots To Dancing Shoes

4 x 30'

This series tells the drama and excitement behind the scenes of how Dancing Shoes, The George Best Musical came to fruition over the past 18 months.

The playwrights Martin Lynch and Marie Jones along with musicians JJ Gilmour and Pat Gribben search for the right George which is crucial to their success but their initial trawl fails. After call backs and more auditions they find their cast, appoint them, unveil them to the public and continue the work of putting a brand new production on stage at the Grand Opera House.

The final programme in the series follows the production on its opening night. Cameras have been given exclusive access to witness the nerves, the highs and the lows and programme producer, Liam Creagh interviews the star studded audience to see what they thought of a musical born and bred in Belfast which now hopes to take on the West End and Broadway.

A Redbox Media Production for UTV