12 x 30'

With unprecedented access to the daily operations of Ireland's
customs officers, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see up close how the country is dealing with the increasing level of importation of illegal materials and substances. 24 hours a day the ten men and women featured in this series work to protect the nation's borders. Theirs is an extraordinary job. The hours are extreme and no day is like another. In a game of cat and mouse
they try to out-think the criminals, and sometimes they are successful.

The officers work like a police force, conducting dawn raids, getting involved in car chases, doing stake outs and investigating leads. And as the battle intensifies their equipment is upgraded and now includes high-powered boats to patrol the coast, mobile x-ray trucks and highly sensitive scanners for use in the ports and airports. They have never been filmed in action before. Until now.

A Openeye Production for RTÉ