Anne and Marita
Children in Charge - Young Carers

1 x 52'

Little is known about Ireland's young carers; they are invisible in the eyes of the state. Yet everyday young people quietly care for sick or disabled relatives, bound by bonds of love and loyalty.

With exceptional access to four families, a new observational documentary, Children in Charge: Ireland's Young Carers, reveals for the first time the reality of what life is like when a child takes on the role of caring for a parent. Fourteen-year-old Marita, who is caring for her mother Anne, tells us that "A bad day is when you get loads of homework, if Mom falls and you don't know what to do and then you get into trouble for not doing all the homework".

This documentary goes into the homes of young cares and sees them in their everyday lives. It highlights the family bonds between children and parents and the worry that the young carers carry with them always.

A Subotica production for RTÉ