Bram Stoker

1 x 60mins

Bram Stoker, remembered solely for Dracula was also a barrister, a theatre critic, the author of seventeen novels and a London socialite who numbered Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Gladstone amongst his friends. The novel "Count Dracula" has been translated into over fifty languages and Count Dracula has become the most filmed character in cinema history.

This documentary examines the life of this most elusive novelist, whilst drawing on the bizarre parallels between the writer and his most famous work.  Stoker, the man is mainly unexplored and this documentary will unmask a darker side to the creator of the greatest vampire of them all "Count Dracula".

Double meanings and double identities, which are evident in the book "Dracula" are also evident in Stoker's own life.  Dracula marks an unburdening of Stoker's bedroom fantasies, which were bred in his childhood and auditioned in his early novels. In both biography and fiction Stoker had a frigid wife, a penchant for sleeping with prostitutes, a sexually transmitted disease and ultimately suffered from an inherited insanity.

"Dracula's Bram Stoker" narrated by Richard Harris breaks the odd silence that surrounds the creator of literature's most chilling and unforgettable character.

A Ferndale Films Production for RTÉ