Travel and Painting with Alwyn Crawshaw

66 x 25'

Everyone enjoys looking over an artist's shoulder as he paints.  Combine this with travel to locations as interesting, diverse and colourful as Jordan, Spain, Ireland and the Bahamas and the result is a collection of eight successful travel and painting series which have been sold in five continents.

Alwyn Crawshaw is probably the most popular and most recognised painter on television.   In addition to his 66 programmes, which have been shown on the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK as well as in countries all over the world, Alwyn has written 26 learn-to-paint books and sold over 2.5 million copies.

Alwyn Crawshaw's programmes are shot entirely on location and this is what makes them so popular with a very wide audience, and not just with people who paint. The series have been successful in both daytime and early evening slots.

Locations include Petra, Seville, the Pyramids, the Ring of Kerry, the Bahamas and the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

In each programme Alwyn sketches and paints at least two pictures and the subjects he paints are as diverse as the locations he visits.  They include a spice market in Amman, a cricket match in Devon, the Changing of the Guard in Nassau, an underwater aquarium, an Irish pub, an electric train in Mallorca and some shire horses, as well as the more traditional landscapes and seascapes.

The following series are available:

 Crawshaw's Watercolour Cruise
 8 x 26 minutes  

Crawshaw Paints Constable Country
6 x 26 minutes

Crawshaw Paints on Holiday 
6 x 26 mins

A Brush With Art
12 x 26 minutes

Crawshaw's Sketching and Drawing Course
10 x 25 mins

Crawshaw's Watercolour Studio 
8 x 26 mins

Crawshaw Paints Oils 
8 x 26 mins

Crawshaw Paints Acrylics  
8 x 25 mins