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The Zoo Christmas Special

In the festive edition of The Zoo, Tom Dunne, broadcaster and narrator of The Zoo leaves behind the headphones and studio microphone, and heads off to Santa's Grotto in Dublin Zoo.
Here he meets some of The Zoo's favourite characters, catching up with over fifteen zookeepers to ask them their personal highlights and their special moments over the last four years.

Did you ever wonder what happened next to some of the animals or zookeepers after the show aired? What effects did keeper Garth really have when he allowed a tarantula on his arms and how did he lose part his finger from a snake bite in a previous zoo?

How are the wolves getting on since they dug underground tunnels and have they done it again? When Brendan achieved a life time ambition to travel to Africa to see mountain gorillas in the wild and got charged by silverbacks, what went through his mind and how can we all help to try to save this amazing species.

What made Gerry jump in to rescue a lemur in the freezing cold water and wrestle a crocodile for the very first time? How did team leader Ciaran cope afterwards when the worst snow storms in 20 years hit Dublin Zoo?

Viewers will see never before seen footage along with humorous and emotional stories. We
revisit some of the cute baby stories to see how the red panda cubs and hippo and rhino calves are now doing leading up to the Christmas period.

The Zoo one hour Christmas Special - Perfect festive viewing for all the family.....

The Zoo Christmas Special
  • RT One, Wednesday 26 December, 8.00pm