RTE Television


This one off documentary tells the story of a young Portlaoise man Wally O Loughlin. Wally, a rapper, has struggled to overcome mental health problems and has attempted suicide. This story documents his journey to recovery.

Filmmaker Ann Marie Kelly followed Wally for two years, and this is his story of survival. At the end of the documentary, a very different man appears on the same couch crying his eyes out.this time there are tears of joy, as he holds his newborn baby boy. It's all about self belief..and it's all on tape.

Ann Marie Kelly said: "My original idea was just to get his story on camera after his suicide attempt but as things started going right for him, I couldn't stop filming. Everybody loves a happy ending and this story aims to give hope to people who are suffering with depression/addiction. This documentary intends to reach those who may feel ignored by the media, family, and society, the 'real people'. There are no psychiatrists here quoting statistics, this is a man opening up his heart, letting us in to see how he survived and got himself out of the hole he was in."

  • RT One, Tuesday, 10.35pm