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The Fear

The Fear is back for a third season. Storming across Ireland with their hidden camera visiting Dublin, Galway, Cork, Laois and Kerry the show will feature plenty more pranks and generally spreading of The Fear...

This season will see the return of some familiar favourites including Irinka The Russian Streetwalker who has lost her pussy(cat), The Nun and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland. This series will see the introduction of an assortment of new characters Naomi the poshest English woman in Ireland and Sergeant Major who questions what the Irish public are made of; while Fred Cooke gatecrashes a wedding proposal at Electric Picnic.


Episode Two

Episode two features Fred Cooke blindsiding an unsuspecting audience member at one of his shows, while Jennifer Maguire tests out an intern on 2FM's Breakfast Republic. Jimmy terrorises buskers on the streets of Galway and our Nun considers getting a tattoo.

Episode Three

Ireland discovers the newest dance craze when DOOKIE sweeps the nation. Elsewhere, Irinka recruits a resextionist to handle her "business" deals, Jimmy teaches some girls a lesson in teleportation and the bouncers target an unsuitably dressed shopper in the Blanchardstown centre.

Episode Four

This week on The Fear, Irinka enlists Bill Cullen to advise her on a new business venture at the National Ploughing Championships. Sergeant Major turns bounty hunter in Cork, Fred Cooke is back to throw an impromptu wedding ceremony in the city centre and our counterfeit enforcement officer hits up Croke Park area for the Hurling Championships.

Episode Five

This week on The Fear, Billy The Kid gets some lessons in seduction, Naomi gets some help replying to a naughty Facebook message, and Mr. Unfortunate tries a dating service to find love, if only he could get some help filling out his application and Jimmy may have found his long lost brother.

Episode Six

In the final episode of The Fear, Farmer Phil tries to save a cow at the National Ploughing Championships and Fred Cooke walks 500 miles when he wakes up. Elsewhere Jimmy enlists the public's help while practicing for his driving test and The Nun gets very confused over some light reading in the park.

The Fear
  • RTÉ Two, Monday, 10.30pm