RTE Television

The State of Us

A brand-new satirical programme written by Gerard Stembridge and Risteárd Cooper, The State of Us is a four-part series focusing on the now daily clash between politicians and the media.

Who calls the shots (or thinks that they do) in the Ireland of 2007? Featuring over 20 well-known characters, all of the parts are played by Cooper himself. In an astonishing tour-de-force, Cooper presents a truly diverse gallery of characterisations, ranging from Pat Kenny to Michael McDowell to Joan Burton.

Each episode focuses on a key issue, looking at current hot topics like the transport crisis, the health service debate and the justice portfolio. In spoof documentary form, The State of Us shows just how our beloved leaders - part politician, part media star - are dealing with the issues of the day.

The first collaboration between Gerard Stembridge and Risteárd Cooper, The State of Us unites two household names in Irish satire; Stembridge as writer/director, and Cooper as a gifted actor, impressionist and co-creator of RTÉ's Apres Match.

The State of Us