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The Best of Podge and Rodge

Bludgeoned by the credit crunch, forced to give up Ballydung Manor and trade in 'liquid assets', Podge & Rodge re-open their unlicensed undertakers-cum-sheebeen on February 23rd with Ireland's first road-kill rotisserie, a multi-storey smoking area and a state-of-the-art bartop water-feature, The Spittoon Lagoon

Trust Podge & Rodge to run the only Irish TV Pub that serves up real beer, real crisps and all the free feckology you can stomach. So come on in for a refreshing pint of Whoors Lite and join the regulars for celebrity chat and dogs abuse plus plenty of music, comedy and cantankerous bar-room philosophising from Ireland's most infamous bachelor landlords.

The Best of Podge and Rodge
  • RT Two, Tuesday, 10:55pm