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Shakedown the Town

In the battle to Shakedown the Town, combining physical and mental challenges, two families compete against each other in the largest treasure hunt that Ireland has ever seen.

Presented by Aidan Power, over six weeks, the Shakedown the Town command base will visit Dingle, Skerries, Westport, Limerick, Kilkenny & Clonakilty.

In this exciting treasure hunt show, the families join forces to battle their competitors. Faced with 6 clues to crack, 6 challenges to complete and 6 numbers to retrieve, who will move fastest, and get the numbers to unlock the safe?

The winning family will walk away with a luxury foreign family holiday sponsored by Topflight Holidays!


Programme One

In Programme One, the Shakedown The Town Command base rolls in to Dingle, Co. Kerry. Local Kingdom families The Cremins and The O'Mahonys will battle it out in the first Shakedown the Town programme. The challenges here aren't for the faint hearted, ranging from a Mousetrap Minefield to a Vegas Lights climbing wall. Be prepared.

Programme Two

The game show visits the north Dublin seaside town of Skerries, where the Cawley family and the Tobin household compete in a series of physical and mental challenges in the hope of winning a holiday to Italy. Presented by Aidan Power.

Programme There

In this week's episode, local Westport vets, Naomi and Cillian O'Moráin, along with their kids Tomás, Sadhbh and Oscar, took on the challenge to Shakedown The Town.

They went head to head against the brother and sister team of Veronica Mannion and Jo McGing alongside Veronica's kids Caroline and Richard and their best friend Elly.

As the adults took to the streets in search of their next challenge, and the hidden numbers required to crack open the safe, the kids were stationed back at the command base, cracking the clues that would finally lead them in the right direction.

In a fun packed day they tackled coasteering, worked with a teleporter and flamethrower, had to crack an egg challenge, rolled around in orbs, took to the water in a jet ski and managed to tackle a hugely challenging water obstacle, all in the hope of winning a dream family holiday to the stunning Lake Garda in Italy.

At one stage both the female team members braved the elements and tackled the dizzying heights of the cliffs along the Atlantic, while the men looked on in awe. Leaping from a height the women had to then swim under the rocks and into a darkened cave to find the canister with the correct number.

The flame-throwing teleporter was next to tackle in a bid to get the second number to add to the safe's combination. Back at the command base the kids were breathing a sigh of relief when they heard the following challenge would be a simple egg task at the beautiful Westport house, but it wasn't all as easy as it seemed, as the adults had the mammoth task of transferring 300 eggs from baskets to egg cups within a four minute time frame and for every egg that broke, another had to be drunk - raw!

Once they managed to finally crack it, they scrambled off to the orb site where they were forced to roll down a hill a number of times in an ice filled orb until they finally managed to find the right ice cube that held the magic number. With no rest for the wicked, and time ticking away, they were then whisked off and out to sea to jump on jet skis, where their final task was to burst a number of giant balloons floating in the water. But the hardest task was yet to come as they took to the chilly sea to take on their final challenge of tackling a floating inflatable obstacle course.

With all to play for and just minutes between them, who will take away the holiday of a lifetime?

Programme Four

The series finale of the game show in which families compete to track down combination codes hidden around their town to unlock a safe