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Room to Improve

Architect Dermot Bannon is back with a brand new series of Room To Improve featuring challenging and innovative new design projects.

Featuring a diverse mix of renovations, rescues and extensions, the series includes the creation of an ergonomic and welcoming ultra modern upside down home in Baldoyle; the rescue of a 170 year old house in Maynooth on the verge of collapse; the renovation of a 1960s bungalow in Puckaun, Co. Tippeary; the addition of a radical modern living extension built around a concrete wall to a 1920s Victorian house in Drogheda; and for the first time ever Dermot revisits some of the unique houses and home-owners from previous series.

As always, each build is fraught with human and financial drama: overstressed budgets, last minute changes of heart, unexpected disasters, unpredictable weather and the vagaries of an architect desperately, sometimes unsuccessfully, trying to convince his clients that he knows what's best for them.

This year, with a range of budgets and demanding clients, Dermot Bannon balances his role as designer with that of diplomat, mediator and project manager as he fights his corner with feisty contractors and has his diplomacy skills tested by clients who know exactly what they want.

Quantity surveyor Patricia Power returns as Dermot's budget-wrangling project manager and financial advisor: reigning in the designer's more ambitious plans, cutting deals and adding a layer of sober fiscal practicality to the proceedings.

Exposed power lines, extensions built without foundations, unstable roofs, parasitic fungus, spiralling budgets, design dilemmas, slipping schedules, necessary compromise, unnecessary delays, absent home-owners, flights of fancy and frayed nerves - this series has it all.

Five unique and diverse episodes - one headstrong architect. Still - there's always Room To Improve.