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Kat (Jessie Wallace), Alfie (Shane Richie) and Tommy (Henry Proctor) arrive in Redwater, where celebrations are in full flow for a lively annual fundraiser - propelling them into the heart of the community.

Despite promising Alfie that she will keep a low profile, Kat can't rest - and is on the hunt for possible suitors who might be her son. Andrew (Peter Campion), son of Roisin (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Padraig (Stephen Hogan) and wife of local Garda Bernie (Susan Ateh), seems the perfect fit. Could she have found him so soon?

Alfie urges caution and not to get her hopes up. But this is Kat Slater, not known for caution, and the inhabitants tongues start wagging and conspiracy theories form, as they wonder if the Moons really are visiting just for a holiday.

As the celebrations spill into the local pub, Kat finds an ally in Lance (Ian McElhinney). He's been in Redwater forever, seems to know everyone and everything. Life and soul of the party Kat is in danger of exposing her identity and her secret.

As Kat relentlessly pursues her quest for confirmation that Andrew is her long-lost son, she ruffles feathers with Andrew's mother Roisin at their family farm, further fueling the rumour mill - until Agnes (Fionnula Flanagan) intercepts and sends Kathleen politely on her way. Alfie once again has to play peacekeeper, pulling Kathleen into line and making peace with the locals, allowing the dust to settle.

Distracted by her quest, Kat fails to notice that Alfie is hiding his failing health from her.

Series Overview

In this thrilling new drama, written and produced by a Bafta and Emmy nominated team, a mother travels to Ireland in search of her lost son.

The picturesque village of Redwater is a peaceful idyll on the Irish coast, untroubled by the trappings of modern life.

Twenty years ago, a boating tragedy ripped the heart out of this village's close-knit community. The deaths of Iris Dolan and her niece Aoife appeared to be an accident - but the truth was left buried at the bottom of the harbour.

For Kat Moon, an open-hearted woman from the East End of London, Redwater could be the key to finally making sense of her fractured past. She is in search of her son, a twin taken from her at birth without her knowledge. And a cryptic postcard has led her to Redwater to find him, with her husband Alfie in tow.

Redwater is in danger of collapsing under the weight of its secrets, until Kat begins asking tough questions that finally let the village embark on a cathartic reckoning. But this cleansing of Redwater's past will come at a great cost.

As Kat dives deeper into the private lives of the people here, she risks being fatally swept up in the storm she's started. Is one of the young men scarred by that tragic night really her son? And, if so, what sort of man has he become?

Redwater is a BBC Studios production in association with RT.

STARRING: JESSIE WALLACE as Kat Moon; SHANE RICHIE as Alfie Moon; OISN STACK as Father Dermott Dolan; STANLEY TOWNSEND as Peter Dolan; ANGELINE BALL as Eileen Harrington; IAN TONER as Kieran Harrington; PETER CAMPION as Andrew Kelly; FIONNULA FLANAGAN as Agnes Byrne; MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY as Roisin Kelly; STEPHEN HOGAN as Padraig Kelly; SUSAN ATEH as Bernie Kelly; EBONY O'TOOLE-ACHEAMPONG as Adeen Kelly; IAN MCELHINNEY as Lance Byrne

WRITERS: MATTHEW GRAHAM (Life on Mars); JULIE DIXON (Trial & Retribution) LAUREN KLEE (Eastenders); MATTHEW BARRY (Death in Paradise)