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Next Week's News

RT TWO's comedy panel show that successfully forecast an entire year's news is back. This time, however, it'll be broken into weekly bite-size chunks as two teams predict Next Week's News. The show will boast three of the top comedians in the country - PJ Gallagher, Neil Delamere and Bernard O'Shea - as regulars.

Host Bernard O'Shea will take the top stories, headline-making people and trends du-jour of the week and brazenly ask two teams "what's next for.?"

Channelling their clairvoyant skills, Neil Delamere and PJ Gallagher captain the teams attempting to run the gauntlet of inventive rounds, bets and predictions.

Each week they'll be joined by national and international guests in the fight to be the first and funniest to forecast. Next Week's News.

Next Week's News
  • RT Two, Monday, 9.30pm