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Reuben Evans comes to the rescue of children who are stuck in a boring place and challenges them to create zany ideas and come up with games with only what they can find around them. Each episode features 2-3 children who become bored while stuck in a dull place such as the back of a car on a long journey, a doctor's waiting room or waiting for a bus. While moaning about their predicament, one of them says the words "I'm bored." Upon hearing their echoed cry for help Reuben transports himself to their rescue by various comedic means - crashes through a hedge, jumps out of a tree, climbs over a wall etc. Through extensive use of graphics, the scene becomes the land of fun and imagination as Reuben comes up with games and antics to amuse the kids, he then encourages them to come up with their own ideas. Every episode ends with Reuben teaching everyone the 'Neverbored' Dance!

  • RT Two, Weekdays at 9.55am