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Both the usual shenanigans and the unexpected can be seen in this, the fifth series of Killinaskully - a place that has more village idiots per capita than anywhere else in Ireland.

With Goretti debuting as a spirit medium, Sgt. Dick's secret potion, the dreaded Bally Boys up to their old tricks, and Pa Connors as a weatherman, the new series of Killinaskully looks set to serve up a diet of undiluted mayhem and madness.

Dan tries his hand at tantric yoga, while Jimmy's robotic dance is the talk of the village during the bachelor competition. Timmy's science fiction comics go to his head and the Bally Boys scheme to outmanoeuvre Dan and Jimmy in a rally race to remember.

We can look forward to madcap escapades when a missing letter to the minister starts a hostage situation and Dan, Jimmy and Timmy end up in a spot of bother when they are hauled up in front of 'the beak' accused of manslaughter. As if that is not enough, Cantwell somehow manages to lose his class, which starts a massive manhunt that soon disintegrates into a circus. literally.

A visit to the village of Killinaskully will no doubt have you in stitches. Old favourites such as Dan Clancy, Timmy & Jimmy, Pa Connors and Sgt. O'Toole, Mrs.Gilhooley and Dieter have once again been brought to life by the writing team of comic Pat Shortt , Limerick writer Mike Finn and Joe Rooney. Limerick native, Eugene O'Connor also returns in the director's chair.

This series was shot on location in the villages of Killoscully and Ballinahinch.

  • RT One, Sunday, 8.30pm