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How Long Will You Live? Revisited

'How Long Will You Live?', the show that encourages people of all ages, with health, lifestyle and dietary problems, to take a long, hard look at themselves - and decide whether they want to prolong their lives by changing their lifestyles.

With expert help from Dr. Mark and a team of health professionals, eight people from across the country find out what they need to do, not only to improve their health now, but to try to live longer too.

We follow each individual on his or her journey of discovery, starting with the - often shocking - moment of truth, when Dr. Mark studies the results of their preliminary tests and predicts their life expectancy at this precise moment.

The show returns with 6 great revisit programmes to find out how our contributors have fared over the year since they first met doctor Mark Hamilton.

How Long Will You Live? Revisited
  • RT One, Tuesday, 7.00pm