RTE Television

The Day Henry Met

Henry is a 4 year old boy who always wants to learn and find out more. So each episode he has a friendly chat with what ever he meets -

- Hello Whale, How do you stay under water for so long?

- Hello Moon, Why do you only come out at night?

- Hello Car, What makes you go so fast?

No matter what Henry meets, they're always delighted to talk, laugh and share their amazing world with him. He finds out so many amazing things about his new friends, he lets his imagination run wild and imagines himself.

-As a deep sea diver under the ocean with the Whale.

-As an astronaut flying to the moon.

-As a race car driver, in the middle of a race.

Every episode ends with Henry's mother calling him. Before he leaves he always tells his new friends it was lovely talking to them and hopes they have a nice day.


The Day Henry Met. A Football
Henry meets a friendly Football. She is super excited about everything, especially when they meet two Football Boots wanting a football match. Henry becomes a Referee for the day helps keep the Boots in check and decide who is the best after all. The mighty Reds or the Classic Blues!

The Day Henry Met. A Shield
Henry meets a friendly Shield. Shield tells Henry about a missing Sword kidnapped by a ferocious Dragon. Henry becomes a Knight for the day and with the help of his faithful steed and a little luck, he manages to rescue the missing Sword in the neck of time.

The Day Henry Met. A Parrot
Henry meets a friendly Parrot. It turns out that Parrot has been left a secret treasure map by his great grandfather and with Henry's help they decide to go and find it. Henry becomes a Pirate for the day, sails the high seas and encounters a sea monster before unearthing the pirate treasure!

The Day Henry Met. A Guitar
Henry meets a friendly Guitar. Guitar and the band want to put on one last show before they retire but they don't have a singer. Henry becomes a Singer for the day and with help from the rest of the band he performs a showstopping gig in front of a sellout crowd.

The Day Henry Met. A Microscope
Henry meets a friendly Microscope. He has just discovered the cure for smelly burps but when the that cure is lost in an accident it's up to Henry to save the day. Henry becomes a Scientist for the day and after many experiments and a few side effects he winds up recreating the cure once again.

The Day Henry Met. An Aeroplane.
Henry meets a friendly Aeroplane. He's had a busy day flying around the world but he finds out he still has one last delivery to make. Henry becomes a Pilot for the day, plays "I spy", flies through a giant storm and helps Aeroplane deliver his package on time.

The Day Henry Met. A Statue
Henry meets a friendly Egyptian Statue in a museum. The Ancient Blue Diamond, centre piece of the museum, has gone missing and it's up to Statue and Henry to find it. Henry becomes an Archeologist for the day, goes on a crazy adventure in underground caves, gets chased by a boulder and bouncing on crocodiles before returning the Diamond to it's rightful place.

The Day Henry Met. A Clock
Henry meets an old Grandfather Clock waiting by the side of the road. He is moving house today but unfortunately the delivery truck has left without him. Henry becomes a Delivery man for the day, helps Clock get to his house warming party on time and even makes a few new friends on the way.

The Day Henry Met. A Life Boat
Henry meets a friendly Life Boat. Henry learns all about Life Boats as they chat on the beach but unfortunately there is a Donkey stuck out at sea in need of rescue . Henry becomes a Life Guard for the day, races across the waves, meets an Ocean Liner before rescuing Donkey and his favourite coconut drink.

The Day Henry Met. A Letter
Henry meets a friendly Letter as he prepares for his first trip out into the big wild world. Unfortunately he has missed the postman so it falls on Henry to save the day. Henry becomes a Postman , he meets a corner shop, scares a hedgehog and gets lost in the sorting office before finally delivering Letter on time.

The Day Henry Met. A Panda
Henry meets a friendly Panda. She is preparing for a visit from her cousin but when she arrives it's obvious there has been a mix up in the Zoo. Henry becomes a Zoo Keeper for the day and meets all sorts of animals of all shapes and sizes while searching for Panda's cousin.

The Day Henry Met. A Balloon
Henry meets a friendly Balloon. He's preparing for the big circus show but the clown has gone missing. Henry becomes a Clown for the day, bounces on a trampoline, is fired from a cannon and throws custard pies as he helps save the show.

The Day Henry Met. A Train
Henry meets a friendly Train. He needs to take his carriages full of animals back to the ranch but the Train Driver got off at the wrong stop and he needs Henry's help. Henry becomes a Train Driver for the day, meets a cactus and jumps a ravine on his journey back to the ranch.

The Day Henry Met. A Whale
Henry meets a friendly Whale. Henry learns all about how whales breath underwater but unfortunately Whale has lost her glasses. Henry becomes a Deep Sea Diver for the day and has an amazing adventure with all the creatures of the sea before finding Whale's glasses.

The Day Henry Met. A Rooster
Henry meets a friendly Rooster. Rooster needs to wake up the farmer so he can feed the animals but he has a sore throat and can't crow. Henry becomes a Farmer for the day and helps feed all the animals and even helps cure Rooster's sore throat.

The Day Henry Met. A Lighthouse
Henry meets a friendly Lighthouse. Lighthouse needs to light the way for a small boat as it heads towards the shore but his bulb has gone. Henry becomes a Lighthouse Keeper for the day and after climbing hundreds of steps, carrying a massive bulb he finally saves the day.

The Day Henry Met. A Car
Henry meets a friendly old Racing Car. Henry learns about engines and finds out that Racing Car has never actually finished a race. Henry becomes a Racing Driver for the day, he races around the track, meets a breakdown truck and even manages to help Race Car finish his first race.

The Day Henry Met. A Cow
Henry meets a friendly Cow and learns all about where milk comes from. Unfortunately the gate to the cow field has been left open and all the Cows have wandered off during the night. Henry becomes a Cowboy for the day, meets a crazy scarecrow and helps round up the lost herd in time for the Big Barn Dance!

The Day Henry Met. A Rabbit
Henry meets a friendly Rabbit. Rabbit used to be a magicians assistant but never finished her final performance. Henry becomes a Magician for the day, things go a little wrong but the performance works out for the best in the end.

The Day Henry Met. A Fire Engine
Henry meets a friendly Fire Engine. It's his first day on the job and he's a little nervous when a call comes in about a cat stuck up a tree. Henry becomes a Fireman for the day and with help from a few friends, he helps Fire Engine rescue the Cat from the tree.

The Day Henry Met. A Digger
Henry meets a friendly Digger. There is a house that needs to be built but with the builder off work with a tummy ache it's up to Henry to save the day. Henry becomes a Builder for the day, he scoops, saws and paints away until the house is finished. Even if it turns out a little wonky.

The Day Henry Met. A Daffodil
Henry meets a friendly Daffodil. He is getting ready to welcome some new plants to the garden when they arrive a day early. Henry becomes a Gardener for the day, digs some holes, plants some plants and even has to negotiate with a sleepy rain cloud to save the garden!

The Day Henry Met. The Mountain
Henry meets a friendly Mountain. He has a nasty itch that he just can't scratch and it's up to Henry to save the day. Henry becomes a Mountain Climber for the day, meets a mountain goat, falls through a rickety bridge and rides on a rescue helicopter before making it to the top and scratching Mountain's itch.

The Day Henry Met. A Gorilla
Henry meets a friendly Gorilla. He's moved from the Jungle to the wildlife park for some peace and quiet but his next door neighbour, Tiger, is keeping him up all night. He's feeling a little under the weather so Henry becomes a Vet for the day to help him feel better.

The Day Henry Met. A Cake
Henry meets a friendly Birthday Cake. He is getting ready to be collected from the bakers when they realise he isnt going to be big enough for all the people at the party. Henry becomes a Baker for the day, he mixes, whisks and bakes away until he creates the best birthday cake ever!

The Day Henry Met. The Moon
Henry meets the Moon. He learns all about space, astronauts and even that the Moon loves cheese and crackers. Henry becomes an Astronaut for the day, blasts off into space, meets a satellite and dodges meteors before having a lovely picnic on the Moon.