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George Lee's Tax Return

You pay it on virtually everything you earn. You pay it on almost everything you do. And after the Budget you'll likely be paying even more of it. But how would you feel if you knew exactly how your various taxes were spent? As the Dil debates a Tax Transparency Bill which aims to give Irish taxpayers an annual account of how their taxes are spent, George Lee meets Irish families wondering where their tax money goes and what they get in return.

What was mother-of-two, Tanya Claxton's €35,000 in stamp duty spent on? Is home care more expensive than a nursing home for 74-year-old Maureen Carolan? And a couple on average wages ask if they would be better off quitting one job to collect social welfare instead.

Amid anxiety around this year's Budget, George will ask how much of an individual's tax deductions go towards repaying Ireland's enormous bank debt. Finance and economics experts examine Ireland's outgoings and whether any of us can afford them. And a psychologist looks at Ireland's particular approach to the concept of taxation and democracy.

In the lead up to the 2012 Budget, George Lee tries to find out where your tax Euros go once they leave your wallet.

George Lee's Tax Return
  • RT One, Monday, 9.35pm