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Five Women Go Back To Work

Five mothers return to the workforce after years at home and take on the challenge of creating a glossy women's magazine

The series will follow five mothers, from various professional backgrounds, as they return to the workforce after several years in the home. The five will be employed by Ashville Media, one of Ireland's largest publishing houses, and between them will have to create and produce a women's glossy magazine targeted at working women, and they only have 12 weeks to do it.

The Editor, Journalist, Designer, Sales Executive and Marketing and PR Executive will have to learn fast, work hard and most importantly get on if they are to reach their ever looming deadline. It's a real magazine and if they are successful, there are real jobs for the five women at the end.

As well as the daily stresses of work, they will struggle with long hours and difficult commutes. Can they keep up with the hectic pace of Ashville where the average employee is twenty something, and the average day only ends when all the work is done?

Will they really manage to get this magazine on the shelves? Will they still want to work full-time by week 12? And how will life change for their partners and children? How will they cope with the transition from stay-at-home mothers to working mothers?

The women will be closely monitored by three of Ashville Media Group's top executives; Managing Director, Denise Mc Quaid and Commercial Directors Ken Lanigan and Brenda Mc Padden.

These three will follow the progress of the women and set them challenges. The women must try and impress them as each week they will declare which of the five is the 'one to watch' and will also decide who is worthy of a real job at the end of the series.

Five Women Go Back To Work