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Firefighters is blazing its way back on to your screens for a highly anticipated second season of hard hitting stories from the front line of emergency response in Dublin, with dangerous missions, daring rescues and dramatic real-life stories. From blazing infernos and life-saving paramedic interventions to dramatic wildfires, river rescues and dangerous chemical spills, whenever and whatever the emergency, the firefighters are first on the scene, putting themselves in danger to save lives.

This season the dedicated men and women of Dublin Fire Brigade are back with the most dramatic stories yet, captured on camera as they unfold across Dublin City. Over the course of eight shows we also get an insight into the characters who wear the uniform and the passions that drive them; from a rural Canadian fire-fighter adjusting to the hectic pace of life in one of Europe's busiest fire stations and a weight-lifting female fire-fighter who's competes for medals when she's not saving lives, to the impact of the firefighters's work on the family of a woman brought back from the brink of death.

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Episode One

A huge fire engulfs an auto-repair shop and it's all hands on deck when the unusually hot weather causes dangerous wildfires to spread across Howth Head

Episode Two

A huge fire engulfs an auto-repair shop, a man suffers a bad injury himself when he falls off a horse and it's all hands on deck when the unusually hot weather causes dangerous wildfires to spread across Howth Head.

Episode Three

The firefighters search for the occupants in a burning family home, an elderly lady needs to be rescued after becoming trapped inside an overturned car, and Dublin Fire Brigade need all their experience and training to tackle a dangerous industrial fire

Episode Four

The driver of a car has to be rescued when their vehicle travels over an embankment at nightime, a fire in an underground car park endangers the inhabitants of an apartment block, and when a raging fire engulfs an historic building the firefighters swing into action to save it from the flames.

Episode Five

Dublin Fire Brigade perform a delicate operation with the army's bomb disposal unit when a chemical in a school laboratory becomes dangerously unstable, a cyclist requires urgent medical attention after a road traffic accident, and a firefighter from Dublin travels to Belfast to compete in the World Police and Fire Games

Episode Six

Staff of Dublin Fire Brigade are called out to an old military building with a blaze spreading through its roof, while a caravan accompanying a travelling circus is also engulfed in flames. The workers also pay a special visit to an unwell child in the local community.

  • RTÉ One, Tuesday, 8.30pm

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