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Families in Trouble

The parenting series is back with more advice for stressed parents.

It can be one of the most rewarding things we can possibly do with our lives, but when it goes wrong, having children can be a nightmare! Whether its sleep stresses, toddler tantrums or just a plain lack of harmony in the home, parenting can indeed be a minefield.

All of which is likely to mean a warm welcome for 'Families in Trouble,' returning to our screens from March 5th at 9.30pm on RT One.

Produced by stop.watch television for RT, Families in Trouble is now into its second run and features Clinical Psychologist David Coleman giving practical hands-on advice to parents. Working with families over a course of a month, David makes an initial assessment by watching footage of the family filmed on special cameras set up in the home. From there he develops his strategy for change, which helps to coach parents through their traumatic times.

Whether it's the tale of the sleep-deprived mum with the history of bringing her little boy back to bed 85 times a night, the single mum from Cork who had terrified her children with talk of going to 'the bold-house' or the family of eight where it's literally every child for itself - the one thing all our families have in common, is that they all need David's help!