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The brand new series of Don't Tell the Bride returns for its fourth series - This week Natasha Hosey & Eddie Kiely both from Waterford leave each other for 3 weeks.

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Don't Tell the Bride, produced by COCO Television for RTÉ.

Season 4

RTÉ Two, Thursdays at 9.30pm


Natasha (28) and Eddie (31) met over eight years ago on a night out in Tramore. Eddie spotted Natasha walking home and approached her with a take away and asked her if she would like a curry chip, when she accepted he said "Now we have just had our first meal together". They have been inseparable ever since.

The couple decided to travel the world for two years along with their beloved cuddly teddy bear, Coco. While on holidays in Hawaii last January 2013, Eddie popped the question to a delighted Natasha they were on their way back from living in Vancouver for nearly two years.

The couple returned home to Waterford but very shortly moved to Limerick where they are now both working. They go back to Waterford every weekend.

Natasha has been planning her wedding day since she was a young girl, she really has very high aspirations for her big day, as does her Dad, John. She is the first of Johns children to get married so it is a very special day for the family especially since Natashas mum is not around for the big day as she passed away several years ago. Natasha is a perfectionist, she even insisted on picking her own engagement ring. So to leave Eddie with planning her dream wedding will be a huge challenge. Eddie doesn't do very much in the relationship eg Natasha looks after the home and organizes a lot in their lives - Eddie is very laid back and will go with the flow, so she is concerned that Eddie and his team of Ray & Paddy are going to leave everything to the last minute.

Natasha will be making the big move home to her father's house in Dunmore East. While Eddie will be staying in their apartment in Limerick.


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Alan and Trevor first met four years ago on a night out in The George. As Trevor was heading home after a night out he bumped into Alan, who incidentally was wearing the same canary yellow shirt as him and the two clicked straight away.

Trevor and Alan are opposites in many ways. Alan likes structure, is fussy, has high standards and likes the finer things in life. While Trevor is more laid back, casual, loves colour and loves Harry Potter and anything Disney themed. They disagree on almost everything but love one another despite each other's flaws.

Alan works as a catering manager and Trevor is in full time education. They live together in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Civil Partnership is very important to the couple as neither thought they would have the opportunity to get married. They are both ready for the commitment and to show the world how much they love one another.

Alan will be making the big move for the three weeks and will be staying across town with Maid of Honor Ann. Trevor will have the help of his trusted Grooms Women Sinead and Claire to help him over the three weeks.

For Alan, this will be the biggest day of their lives and would want a classy affair and nothing tacky. But will Trevor be able to live up to Alan's high standards or will this wedding be filled with lots of colour?


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In this week's episode sweethearts Ger O'Dea and Ciara Murphy from Cork get ready to walk up the aisle. Ger is a big prankster and Ciara is petrified that he is going to make a joke of their wedding day. Ger has plenty of tricks up his sleeve but will he push his fiery lady too far?

Ger O'Dea (31) and Ciara Murphy (26) from Blackpool in Cork have been together for eight years and have three children. Ger is very romantic and proposed to Ciara by printing 'Will you marry my daddy?' on their daughter's baby grow.

Ciara is the fussy one in their relationship; she took a year to find the perfect dress for her 21st birthday! She's terrified paramedic Ger will theme their wedding with ambulances and blue lights. But Ger's adamant that it will be his big day as much as hers even if it means adding a touch of the emergency services to their celebrations!

The couple are big fans of the movie 'Dirty Dancing' and watch it every month. Can Ger pull off the surprise of his life and bring a touch of Dirty Dancing to the big day too?


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In this week's episode, Stephen and Elaine from Offaly get ready to walk down the aisle. But before Stephen can get planning there's one thing missing; the couple haven't been officially engaged yet! Can Stephen deliver the fairytale engagement AND wedding Elaine wants in just three weeks?

Elaine Tierney (26) and Stephen Carroll (30) from Edenderry in Offaly met four years ago on a night out in Carlow. It was love at first sight for Stephen who followed Elaine into Supermacs and won her over by buying her a cheeseburger and chips!

The happy couple settled down and had two little girls together, but even though they've discussed marriage there has been no engagement ring for Elaine!

Fussy Elaine is the boss of the household and admits she is very hard to please. She is very spiritual and counts fairies, angel cards and tarot cards among her interests; Stephen doesn't share her ideas and calls her ET!

Elaine is worried their big day will be traditional and 'boring'. Can laid-back Stephen deliver to her high expectations and give her the mystical wedding she wishes for?

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Eoin Healy (34) and Stephanie Webb (30) met ten years ago through an online dating site. It was love at first sight and after just three weeks Eoin moved from Dublin to Athlone to live with Stephanie; they have been inseparable ever since. They have two little boys Harry (7) and Killian (2).

The couple have very different ideas about their wedding and although they've been engaged for a while (Stephanie lost her engagement ring on a beach in Spain) - they've never been able to agree on their big day.

Stephanie dreads being centre of attention and wants a quiet registry office affair. Meanwhile Eoin dreams of a traditional Irish wedding with church and big banquet reception.

Stephanie is the boss in the relationship and runs their house like clockwork. But when she moves in with her mother sparks begin to fly. Will she last three weeks until Eoin organises the wedding, or will she pack it in before the big day?

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Tammie originally from Athenry in Galway (27) and Aidan from Donaghmede (28) first met in Performing Arts College in Dublin five years ago. The first time Aidan saw Tammie he was sitting behind her and fancied her from the get go. At the time, a few other guys in the class fancied her so he left her for a week before he asked her out. It took him three weeks of pursuing her before she finally agreed to go on a date. He took her to a pub in Donaghmede for their first date, where she ending up buying the first round!

Aidan to proposed to Tammie many times but she always said no. Eventually Aidan eventually broke her though and one morning, he proposed to her with a milk carton ring after making her hot chocolate for breakfast and she finally said yes.

The couple share a lot of the same interests, fitness is very important to the couple. Aidan trains Kung Fu 3-4 times per week while Tammie loves Kettlebells and Kickboxing. Music is an important element in Aidan's life. He eats, sleeps and dreams music - as well as performing music.

The couple live together with their two little girls Isabelle and Layla in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. Tammie runs the house, she is always telling Aidan what to do. She does feel that if Aidan manages to deliver her dream day that she will give him more to do in the house. He likes to think he has some authority but its really Tammie who is the boss. Aidans mantra for organizing the wedding is all about "maximum impact & minimum expense" - is this really the right motto to have when organizing his fiancés big day? Tammie's best friend Siobhán will be bridesmaid & try and keep Tammie reassured when Aidan is away - while Stephen will be best man to Aidan. Stephen describes Aidan as a big kid, blah blah

Tammie is a country girl at heart & really wants a country wedding that is romantic and relaxed - Aidan wants the hustle and bustle of the city and wants a Rock N'Roll wedding!!

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Michael Blount and Gillian Gorman have been together since they were 16 years of age. They first met when they were 12 and love blossomed a few years later. Now together for over sixteen years, they have three children - Saoirse, Aine & Doireann.

The girls in Michael's life - rule the roost. He is not renowned for his organisational skills and they do everything for him. But now he has taken on the massive challenge of organising the big day for Gillian. He also has three other women to keep happy plus the scariest of all is Gillian's mum Una. If her daughter does not get the day she deserves, Michael is going to have to answer to his mother-in-law for the rest of his life.

Gillian wants a castle. Michael wants the home of Dublin GAA - Parnell Park. Will Michael organise the day he wants or what Gillian deserves?

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Junior and Sasha first met one another seven years ago when they joined as cabin crew with Ryanair. One day, Junior asked Sasha out for a drink but never took her number or made a plan. The next weekend they bumped into each other on a night out. Junior didn't recognize her at first, but started chatting and it took off from there.

The relationship took off quite fast and the couple, were living together within a few weeks. Before they became parents, the couple would move every year. They have lived together in Spain and London.

The couple, have two little girls, Ana (4 yrs) and Wendy (11mths). Life revolves around the children and they cannot wait to include them on their big day.

Junior always needs something to focus on, he needs something to entertain & keep him motivated. He always has to be busy planning something. According to their friends Junior is the opinionated person in the relationship and Sasha is very forgiving, gentle & kind hearted and very open minded. As open minded as she is and daring, Junior knows he can't take it over the top on the day.

He has strong Spanish tastes and that is Sasha's main fear. Spanish weddings are very different to a traditional Irish wedding. She is hoping he won't put her in a flamenco dress and is hoping the budget won't allow him to plan a Spanish style wedding.

Junior is focused on getting everything for as cheap as possible, he has the gift of the gab and will haggle on all prices. He loves finding bargains and internet shopping. But will he take the risk and shop online for the big day or will he deliver the traditional type of wedding that Sasha so craves?

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Don't Tell the Bride
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