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Away With A Stranger

One of the biggest problems with going on holiday with friends, never mind complete strangers, is the difference in expectations. One might look forward to relaxing on the beach with Stephen Kings latest must-read, while another wants to organise group visits to every ancient ruin within a 100 mile radius so if you think holidays with friends are toughtry going Away With A Stranger!

Four strangers go away on holidays together with each one taking it in turns to plan 24 hours of the vacation, every minute, every hour, exactly as they see fit. From what time to get up, where and what they eat to what activities they do, where they do it or in fact if they do anything at all!

And of course the itineraries are decided well before our holidaymakers ever meet so theres no room for tweaking the schedule in an attempt to curry favour. The tourists will range in age from 18 to 80 with everything on the cards from bungee jumping to mountain treks, all night beach raves to goat milking lessons.

At the end of each day the three holiday-hijackees rate their experience out of ten. And at the end of the trip the person with the highest score takes home the prize. Culture and taste clash ignite as 4 very different people impose their idea of holiday heaven or holiday hell on the others.

Away With A Stranger
  • RT Two, Thursday, 10.00pm