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Season 4, Episode 22: Killing Your Number

Michael makes one final attempt to get Scylla and destroy the Company.

Season 4, Episode 21: Rate of Exchange

Familiar faces return to help Michael

Season 4, Episode 20: Cowboys & Angels

Michael can only save either Sara or Lincoln

Season 4, Episode 19: S.O.B.

Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina

Season 4, Episode 18: Vs

Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla

Season 4, Episode 17: The Mother Lode

Michael and Sara make a dangerous hitchhiking journey to Miami while Lincoln meets with his mother

Season 4, Episode 16: The Sunshine State

Linc, Self, Gretchen, and T-Bag go to Florida to retrieve Scylla

Season 4, Episode 15: Going Under

Michael enters surgery and suffers from hallucinations

Season 4, Episode 14: Just Business

Michael falls into Company hands.

Season 4, Episode 13: Deal or No Deal

Linc is captured and Don blackmails Gretchen

Season 4, Episode 12: Selfless

Scylla is finally retrieved from Company HQ

Season 4, Episode 11: Quiet Riot

There's drama tonight as an ailing Michael helps steal Scylla

Season 4, Episode 10: The Legend

Michael collapses and has to be taken to the hospital

Season 4, Episode 9: Greatness Achieved

The Prison Break gang have to make a dangerous passage through a water main

Season 4, Episode 8: The Price

A daring plan is hatched to get the final card from Pad Man

Season 4, Episode 7: Five the Hard Way

While Linc, Sucre, Sara, and Roland follow a Scylla cardholder to Vegas, the others go after T-Bag; and Don confronts Pad Man.

Season 4, Episode 6: Blow Out

Mahone is arrested, putting the whole gang at risk and putting Mahone right in Wyatt's sights.

Season 4, Episode 5: Safe and Sound

The gang, with Don's help, must break into a safe in the Federal Building to get the next Scylla card.

Season 4, Episode 4: Eagles and Angels

Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key.

Season 4, Episode 3: Shut Down

Michael and the team have one day to find the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison.

Season 4, Episode 1: "Scylla" / Episode 2: Breaking & Entering

Michael uncovers unbelievable news in Los Angeles when he seeks revenge against Whistler and Gretchen for Sara's death.

Episode 313: The Art of the Deal

LJ and Whistler are finally exchanged, but more surprises abound; and T-Bag's scheming finally pays off.

Episode 312: Hell or High Water - 12th February

Michael, Whistler, and McGrady escape from Sona; but not everything goes according to plan, and the exchange is compromised.

Episode 311: "UNDER AND OUT"

As Michael finalises plans for the tunnel escape, his fellow plotters begin to turn on him.

Episode 310: "DIRT NAP"

Lechero's demotion devastates Michael's breakout plan as Sammy takes over the reigns at Sona.

Episode 309 BOXED IN

The Panamanian Army arranges for Michael to get a taste of solitary confinement.