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Diarmuid's Pony KidsRTÉ One, Thursday, 8.30pm

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Can raw natural talent be trained to compete at the RDS?

Diarmuid Gavin has taken five pony kids from the outer estates of Dublin; Dean, Thomas, Jade, Darryl and Squeaky over ten weeks they hope to train them to be show jumpers and compete in the RDS on it's biggest day; The Aga Khan.

With just two weeks left before they compete it's time to stop messing and work as a team.

Last week the pony team had a disastrous showing at their second competition... and Ronan decided for the second time that Thomas still wasn't ready to compete. In training that week Thomas's riding got even worse. Ronan has decided to take him for extra training away from the distraction of the other lads.

Too often the kids blame the horse when things go wrong so this week we've brought in a horse whisperer to help them understand their horses more.

Rosalind Mackey can read the signals that horses give off, these signals can show you how they think and feel. Can the kids stop arguing long enough to even listen to Rosalind?

With only 10 days to RDS, Diarmuid decides wants to give them a taste of other horse riding activities to show them how varied a world it is.

Thomas wants to show jump with the army so we begin at McKee barracks. Captain Gerry O'Gorman meets us and soon lays down the law.

Diarmuid also has another surprise in store a trip Gatcombe Parkoutside Bristol to have a look at 3 day Eventing. Their guide for the day is a very famous royal; Zara Phillips. Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of the Queen. She is also the World and European Champion for Eventing.

Then the kids go visit Jessica Kurten in Chesney Farm outside Düsseldorf in Germany and Jessica has advice for each of the kids in the run up to the RDS show.


Jessica and Jade
Jessica and Jade
Zara Phillips meets the Pony Kids
Zara Phillips meets the Pony Kids