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Diarmuid's Pony KidsRTÉ One, Thursday, 8.30pm

Programme 3

Last week on 'Diarmuid's Pony Kids', the pony kids got kitted out in their new riding gear, went to a grand prix event and began their own training. But unfortunately, Jessica and Diarmuid were already feeling exasperated about the lack of discipline and focus within the group. This week the kids enter their first competition, but can they find their way around the course? Squeaky gets a surprise...but it could be short lived..and Tom finds out if he's good enough to ride with the team.

Every morning the kids are picked up at their homes and driven to Mullingar Equestrian centre by James. There, they are met by Ronan, who coaches them when Jessica cannot be there. By now the Pony Kids are getting used to the routine but it is a hard and long journey every day, spending about 4 - 5 hrs in the van. Already they have been training for 4 weeks so Ronan decides that it is time to enter them into a competition to get them used to jumping in front of a crowd. With Jessica flying in at the end of the week, Ronan wants the kids to know exactly what they need to work on by the time she gets here.

When Jessica does arrive tired and straight from a competition the night before, she is greeted with sand in the face. A sand fight has erupted near the arena and Jessica walks straight into it. Not exactly a good start to the day. Training begins and before too long it becomes apparent that this group have not learned to work as a team. Far from helping each other out they laugh and jeer at the others when they are attempting to jump. It's like a game to them and they either have no concept of what they are aiming for or even worse, they just don't care. Jessica leaves very disheartened and worried about the next few weeks. That evening Squeeky's Dad collects him and takes him to see his mare. She has had a foal but all is not well and Tom has to break the news to Squeeky...

With their first taste of competition at the end of the week team spirit is at an all time low. Diarmuid drops by to see how everyone is getting on. The pony kids have their new horses now but Diarmuid isn't happy with the way they are treating them. He is also worried about Tom who's fear of falling off is stopping him from giving it his all.

With their first competition coming up and the RDS in just 6 weeks the group need to start working as a team. Diarmuid decides to bring them to see Stuart Wilson, a motivation expert, to try to get them to put aside their differences and work together. Stuart tries to tackle their fears head on but has difficulty getting through to Dean and Squeaky who are having their own row. With the competition looming and the team at each others throats Stuart tries to get to the bottom of the problem. Let's hope it works because tomorrow is competition day and they will really need to work as a team...


Diarmuid and Jessica
Diarmuid and Jessica
Diarmuid with Thomas and Jade
Diarmuid with Thomas and Jade