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Wednesday, RTÉ One, 8.30pm

Programme 11

Our makeover candidate this week, Carmen Sanjulian ,is something of a tango expert but her wardrobe just couldn't keep up with her.  By the time we were finished with her she set the dance floor on fire!
I got quite a fright listening to makeup artist Trevor Kileen lecturing on makeup hygiene.  I've some eyeshadows I bought on my first week filming Off the Rails (6 years ago, eeeck!) which are apparently a health hazard.  Major clean up required there.  Although, speaking to many of you on Grafton Street I discovered I'm not alone!
Pam got to go shopping with one of Ireland's most recognisable faces, 60s fanatic DJ Dandelion.  Dandelion has been rocking the 60s look since she first fell in love with the Rolling Stones as a teenager.  She brought Pam to some of her favourite haunts and I've been taking notes on where she finds her funky, knee high boots.