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DIY Hair

Wouldn't it be great every Saturday night if you could click your fingers and a top hair stylist would magically appear in your bedroom?  Lets face it there isn't always time or money to visit a salon, but apparently it is possible to achieve gorgeous going out hair at home.  Let's put it to the test.

Meet the Rigley sisters - Lorraine, Alison and Jennifer.  They all love a good party, but don't have much success achieving a variety of party hair styles.

Today top hair stylist, Christian Shannon, is going to show the Rigley sisters how to achieve going out hair at home.  They then face the challenge of recreating the styles themselves.

Lorraine likes to wear her hair down but would like to have sexy curls.

Alison is a big fan of Gwen Stefani and would like to achieve her quiff.

Jennifer wants something glam and up..

So will the three sisters be hair champions by the end of the day?

50's Sexy Curls
First up Christian takes Lorraine's locks into hand with some top tips on styling.
. Always shampoo the hair on the day; it's a myth that you need day old hair to put up your hair.
. Also you need hair spray; the style will not last without product.
. Use a grip to keep the sections of hair you're not working on out of the way.
When curling the hair, take the sections of hair the same width as a roller.  Comb the section out, holding the spray slightly away from the hair.  Start the roller at the end of the hair, wrapping the end around and roll it up to the crown of the head.  With the front section either bring the roller back or forward, never setting a parting into the hair.  Don't worry if there are any stray bits or if the rollers are a bit messy.

The Gwen Stefani Quiff
For Alison's glamourous quiff Christian stars by taking the whole middle section, working from the back to the front, taking half inch sections and backcombing it down on both sides.  Again don't hold the spray too close, otherwise the hair will become too stiff and difficult to comb out.  When it comes to the front section only back comb the back section of hair, as it needs to be smoothed over from the front.  Then take the side sections of the hair and clip them to the back of the head.  You don't need to be too fussy about the clips as they won't be seen.  Then spray the hair back into a sleek glamorous quiff.

The Glam Bun
To achieve a glamourous up style, as Jennifer is hoping to, Chrisitian suggests starting off by putting a bit of curl through your hair.  If nothing else it will make it easier to tie it up.  Rolling the hair under, make sure it's nice and tight.  Check the rolled up hair on the curling tongs with your finger as soon as it gets hot, take it out.  This will give the hair a nice wave.  Then taking half inch sections of the hair, with a little bit of spray, back comb it to the roots.  Tighten the hair  at the back into a pony tail.  Combing the roots of the ponytail will give the style more body, and a bigger bun.  Wrap the hair around into a bun, push the clips in as far as they can go, so they are not showing at the back.  And again finish the style off with a blast of hair spray.

It's easy for Christian but can the sister's replicate the styles as effortlessly as he can?

How was Lorraine's 50s-style sexy curls?  Lorraine didn't do too badly though could have possibly left the curlers in a little bit longer.  From now with a bit of practice she is going to take Christian's advice and leave the curlers longer.

Can Alison emulate the Gwen Stefani glamour quiff on her own?  With ease, a lot of back combing and keeping the hair spray at a distance, she can now create stunning hair style worthy of the red carpet in her own home.

Will Jennifer be able to repeat the relaxed but glamorous bun?  By curling and back combing her hair, Jennifer found it gave her hair plenty of body, and was a lot easier to create the sophisticated bun.

Hair Stylist:  Christian Shannon
Location: Brown Sugar, 50 South William Street, Dublin 2.  Ph: 01 6169967
Molesworth Court, Schoolhouse Lane, Dublin 2.  Ph: 01 6764799

Christian gets to work


Alison wears Christian's quiff style

Jennifer by Jennifer

Jennifer by Christian

The girls with their own look

The girls attempt to recreate the look 2004 RTE Terms and Conditions