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About the Show

O.B. Sport, the TV sports magazine programme, is a continuing partnership initiative between RTÉ and the Irish Sports Council, which has, over the past two years, won a substantial new primetime audience for a very broad range of Irish sports.

During 2006, a total primetime audience of well over 1.5 million people watched the 17 programmes in the O.B. Sport series. More than 35 different sports have been featured, including; Athletics, Football, Hurling, Handball, Camogie, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, Hockey, Basketball, Swimming, Showjumping, Tennis, Sailing, Golf, Rowing, Paralympics, Rifle Shooting, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Eventing, Fencing, Martial Arts, American Football and, for the first time, Skiing, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Volleyball, Squash, Judo, Archery, Diving, Rallying, Rugby Sevens, Bike Racing and Cyclocross.

RTÉ is particularly pleased that O.B. Sport has given us a platform to show comprehensive coverage of some of Ireland's most significant sporting successes this year, including Derval O'Rourke's World Indoor gold medal run, Katie Taylor's World Championship success, and Jessica Kuerten's silver medal round at the World Showjumping Cup.

O.B. Sport has also provided RTÉ with the means to cover a wider range of overseas events involving Irish competitors. The programme has developed a low-cost, high-quality model for covering major events with a small team. This has enabled us to show, for the first time, international events such as the Winter Olympics in Italy, the Ulster Hurling final from Boston, the World Handball Championships from Canada, plus the Women's Hockey World Cup Qualifiers from Rome.

Highlights of the season so far include:

· GOLD: The Ronnie Delany story
· GAA USA: Our special programme on the GAA in America
· The GPA Awards
· Handball World Championships and Irish National Championships
· Athletics National Cross-Country Championships and European Cross-Country Championships
· Basketball SuperLeague finals
· Soccer: Ireland's Under-17s bid to qualify for Euro 2006
· Volleyball Cup finals
· Tennis: National Indoor finals
· Swimming: Irish Long-course Championships
· Squash: Women's World Open and Irish Open finals
· Diving: National Championships
· Irish Examiner Junior Sports Awards

The programme website, www.rte.ie/tv/obsport, is becoming a valuable new resource for Irish sport, offering news and information on a variety of events, with links to the sites of sports featured on the show.

Now, if you wish to have your sport seen on O.B. Sport this season, what we need from you, right now, is a list, with dates, details and contact numbers, of your six most important events or occasions in 2007. E-mail those details to obsport@rte.ie or send them to O.B. Sport at RTÉ TV Sport, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

We want to know about your national championships, your world or European-ranked athletes, your up-and-coming stars, the best talkers, the best stories. Tell us, too, about any celebrities involved in your sport, and the best contact people for your organisation.

This is YOUR chance to have YOUR sport featured on national television, to reach a wider audience and interest sponsors. Tell us your plans, and help us to give you a good show! The Irish Sports Council is actively supporting O.B. Sport, as it will provide unparalleled opportunities to promote your sport.


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