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Programme 4, Wednesday 25th March

Programme 4: Aisling Hurley

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  • Give up any activities that you don't want to engage in.
  • Say No to any tasks that aren't your priorities.
  • Remember every time you say No to something you allow time to say Yes to something else and vice versa.
  • Create a to-do list the night before.
  • If possible minimise how much travelling you do.
  • Create regular focus time and notify everyone that you are not to be disturbed short of an emergency.
  • Write down your worries and let them go.
  • Develop a ritual to switch off so you can completely unwind each evening.
  • Take Time Off

The Law of Commitment:

People tend to become persuaded by and follow along to whatever they commit to. By getting Aisling to argue how important time off really is, I get her to commit to taking that belief and supporting it which makes her more committed to it. This in turn makes her feel a loyalty towards it and ensures she considers it as something important.

The Double Bind Principle

This suggests that when you wish to change a behaviour, you can create a way in which the behaviour leads the the exact consequence that the behaviour was trying to avoid. For example, with Aisling, she did too many things for others because she didn't want to let them down. by getting her to realise that I wanted her to stop doing so much for others or she would be letting me down, she was caught in a double bind which allowed her to stop the behaviour.

The Principle of Effective Delegation

The principle of effective delegation suggests that delegation works by identifying someone capable to do the job, explaining the job clearly and specifically to them, getting them to describe the job back to you and allowing them to make it a habit while providing feedback to them the first few times. This allows Aisling to let go of some of the control.


Aisling Hurley
Aisling Hurley
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