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Not Enough Hours
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Joe Egan

Series 2: Programme 3

Programme 3: Joe Egan

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47-year-old Dublin man Joe Egan has been self-employed for almost 5 years, running a limousine hire service, but with the recession biting his business was cut in half by the end of last summer and so he's been forced to look at ways of making more money. He now drives a taxi part-time to help make ends meet. The hours here are long and unsociable.

But the past year has been very hard for Joe in a variety of ways: he separated from his wife a year ago and, though he still sees his family, he's moved out of the family home and into an apartment, sharing with one other.

Joe has 4 children, but seeing them often enough is proving very difficult because work has become so demanding of his time.

Can Joe get his work and his life back on track and create some space for himself to do the things he feels are important?

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Joe Egan with Owen
Joe Egan with Owen
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