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Series 2: Programme 1

Programme 1: Elaina Fitzgerald

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  • Control your use of Blackberry's, IPHONES or any Electronic PDAs. Use them at specified times.

  • Check Email in two or three batches per day.

  • Create Roster which ensures that you avoid doubling up on tasks.

  • Leave work at a reasonable time each day.

  • Arrange Regular Time Off.

  • Create Shorter Efficient Meetings by establishing what the purpose of the meeting is and setting specific responsibilities and deadlines for each person.

  • Delegate by giving specific instructions to whoever you are talking to.

  • Switch off and avoid any form of work on your time off.

  • Organise fun and relaxing activities for your day off.

Parkinson's Law:

Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fit the time available. This means that if we have a task to do and we give ourselves two hours to do it, it will often take two hours but if we give ourselves one hour to do the task we will often get it done in that time frame. The key is to be strict with how effectively you challenge yourself. Become more aware of how long tasks take you and do your best to really challenge yourself and maximize the use of your time.

Law of Reversed Effort:

The law of reversed effort states that whenever we try to do something, often it makes it harder for us to do it. For example, when we try to sleep the more we try the harder it is. That's where the idea of reading a book or counting sheep comes from. When we stop trying often it's easier. With Elaina, I used this as a way of helping her to change the way she thinks about work. By getting her to feel forced to go to work, she saw staying late as something that she didn't want to do because she was doing it on purpose. Up to now, it had always been a choice but when she had to do it as a result of outside constraints she could see it from a different perspective. So trying to stay in late actually frustrated her greatly.


Elaina with her family
Elaina with her family
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