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Not Enough Hours
Not Enough HoursRTÉ One, Wednesday, 8.30pm

Elaina Fitzgerald

Series 2: Programme 1

Programme 1: Elaina Fitzgerald

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Elaina Fitzgerald works in the family hotel in Adare Co. Limerick. As well as holding down a very responsible job as Sales Director she is also married to Myles and mother to two year old Milo. Elaina grew up living in the hotel and now even though she lives just across the road from it, still treats it very much like home. This means that Elaina works late most nights and just "pops across" to check in on her days off. Elaina is very aware the effects the recession is having on the hotel industry and word of hotel closures makes her feel she has to work even harder.

However this work ethic hasn't been doing Elaina any favours, she doesn't get much time to spend with Myles and Milo, and a surprising amount of her time in work is spent doubling up on other peoples jobs and not using her time efficiently.

Even her brother David, who also has a substantial workload, questions her work practices. Elaina needs to devote more time to her family and herself before its too late. Regularly Elaina spends 11 hours a day working and 4 hours a day with Milo. She only manages this precious time with him by keeping him up late.

To make a change Elaina needs some help to prioritize. Working long hours is not always conducive to productivity. Psychologist and Time Management expert, Owen Fitzpatrick is called in to help address her work/ life balance, and to change her whole work ethic Will Elaina be able to change the habits of a lifetime?


Thanks to:
The Fitzgerald Family and the staff at the Woodlands Hotel.

Elaina with Owen
Elaina with Owen
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