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Not Enough Hours
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Not Enough Hours: The Book

Owen Fitzpatrick's first book Not Enough Hours is the perfect companion to make time work for you!

In his book, Owen shows how you can take control of your life so that you make the most of every second. He describes where our concept of time comes from, how the body clock works, and how people's perception of time differs. He also profiles the seven time victims - the workaholic, the perfectionist, the walkover, the hurrier, the hesitator, the busy bee and the time stranger. His TimeWise programme explains in simple terms how to solve all of your time problems in four easy steps - analyse, prioritise, organise, actualise. And he brings it all down to earth with tips on finding time for yourself, time for love, time for children, time for work, and even time for household chores.

With a wealth of practical examples from the RTÉ series and from other people's lives, Not Enough Hours is a simple, easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide for anybody who wants to have the time of their lives. You'll save yourself a lot of time by reading it!

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Not Enough Hours book
Not Enough Hours book
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