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Samir Moussa

Programme 3: 1 February 2008
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Bob meets Samir Moussa, a waiter and restaurant manager originally from Tunisia, who now works in the renowned Ballymaloe House in East Cork.

Samir believes that fate, in the shape of a recruitment agency, brought him to Ireland. Samia, his Tunisian wife, has since joined him and they both live in a chalet on the grounds of Ballymaloe.

Bob gets his first glimpse of Tunisia in the hot and dusty capital of Tunis and finally tracks Samir's family to back to the remote village of Moussa (Samir's family name). He experiences famed Tunisian hospitality when he meets Samir's family.

Bob brings a warm message from Samir to his ageing parents and his entire family.


Factfile on Tunisia

Population: 9,924,742 (2003)

People: Arab (98%), European (1%), Other 1%

Languages: Arabic and French

Geography: The Republic of Tunisia lies in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Algeria to the west, and Libya to the south east.

Government: Republic

Main industries: Agriculture, mining, tourism, textiles, footwear, food, beverages

Religion: Muslim (98%), Christian (1%) and Other (1%)

Famous Tunisians: Hannibal (247-183 BC), the general who campaigned in Italy was born in ancient Carthage, which is part of modern Tunisia
Well regarded literary figures include Albert Memmi (b.1915), the author of The Statue of Salt (1957), who writes in French; and Mahmoud Messadi (b.1911), who writes in Arabic.

Bob Kelly in Tunisia
Bob Kelly in Tunisia
Bob Kelly in Tunisia
Bob Kelly in Tunisia
Bob Kelly in Tunisia
Bob Kelly in Tunisia