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Ibou Diouf

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In this week's episode of No Place Like Home Bob Kelly travels to Senegal in West Africa to trace the roots of another recently arrived immigrant to Ireland.

Ibou Diouf is a 33 year old Senegalese man who came to Ireland on a work placement for 6 months, but stayed for 6 years. Ibou is now settled in Lucan with his wife Elisabeth and their young baby.

In Senegal, Bob heads to the street markets and bazaars of bustling Dakar and tries his hand at some of the local percussion instruments. Afterwards, Bob visits Ile de Goree - a former departure point for slaves - and now a place of pilgrimage for many Black Americans, who have no other tangible link with the continent of their ancestors.

Afterwards, Bob looks for Ibou's long last half brother. Eventually, he meets up with him in a rural school, where he is the local principal and English teacher. His life contrasts sharply with Ibou's, as he chose to stay in Senegal and has never traveled abroad. He speaks eloquently about family ties and life in Africa.

Finally, Bob travels back to Dakar to meet Ibou's adoptive father and to sample Senegal's legendary nightlife. He also brings a message to Ibou's mother in the adjacent town of Rufisque from her son in Lucan.

Bob Kelly in Senegal
Bob Kelly in Senegal
Bob Kelly in Senegal
Bob Kelly